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Optimum Velocity is a first class Executive and Professional Permanent Placement referral company that specializes in quickly providing top notch, pre-screened Executive, Professional  and Subject Matter Expert candidates for the most difficult to fill job openings. 

Employers tell Optimum Velocity's recruiters that our recruiters can typically help them fill their most challenging to fill job openings at least 70% more quickly.

Mid-size dynamic fast growing companies to Fortune 500 multi-billion dollar corporations come to Optimum Velocity for help quickly achieving their most mission critical goals.

Optimum Velocity listens to our clients' needs and desires and quickly delivers well qualified top talent for our clients to directly hire.

Optimum Velocity enjoys positioning our clients to help them achieve unprecedented growth much more quickly and easily than they thought possible. 

Employers partner with Optimum Velocity to synergistically achieve more together.

Please see "About Optimum Velocity" and visit our "Direct Hire Services" page to learn more about us and how we can help you.

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